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A recent email I received regarding a box set of my best training discs. I was so honoured, just had to put this one up.

For a free copy of the 12 discs Jordan is referring to, just visit…..

Here’s his email….

Hi Glenn,

Mate I received your Free Gift pack of the 12 CD’s and have been listening to it non-stop in the car. By far my favourite has been the interview you have done with Jason Bond. It was awesome to hear from a top earner and someone who is at the top of his game how he did it. It is amazing that most agents complicate things so much by trying different things that they pick up from seminars/training sessions and always seem to pussy foot around the things that bring the best results. It’s not rocket science and by sticking things that work such as cold calls, doorknocks, just listed & solds and open inspection prospecting can bring the best results.

It has certainly opened my eyes to a number of holes in my business such as not tracking my numbers and knowing my hit rates. I believe i am at about 60 calls between appraisals but will start to document everything so i know what works and what doesn’t

Thanks so much for the gift and if you can think of any other books or audio that is worth listening to then please let me know. I have a new found hunger for learning and improving myself on both a professional and personal level and any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Cheers mate

For a free copy of the 12 discs Jordan is referring to, just visit…..

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